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Information for Referring Patients

Referral for Procedure

Please consider Advanced Pain Management of Central Indiana a local resource you can trust to care for your patients in pain. 

We can evaluate patients for a specific PROCEDURE, see the referral form for procedure. Patients referred for a specific procedure can either follow up with you or with us at our main office, whichever you prefer. Procedure notes are sent to you by secure fax. 



To request a comprehensive CONSULTATION / EVALUATION, see the Consultation Referral Form, your patient would be scheduled at our main office. We'll gather all relevant records. Patients that are treated here on an ongoing basis are required to maintain their relationship with their primary care provider. We strive to keep you informed with each visit. The consultation and every follow up note is sent to you by secure fax.


Information pages

Please feel free to print the following information pages for your patients here.

Notes about Narcotic Management: 

APMCI can evaluate your patients for medical management of their pain. Our goal is to reduce patients' pain and improve function while avoiding the long term use of narcotics, if possible. Sometimes narcotic medications are prescribed as part of the treatment plan, sometimes they are not recommended. Due to the considerable risk for addiction, APMCI strives to provide the safest practices regarding controlled substances. Due to the stringent evaluation process, narcotics are not prescribed on the first visit. Narcotics are never phoned in from this practice. Patients are closely and carefully monitored, and there is open communication between our practice and the PCP. Please see our information, linked here, regarding our policies on narcotic management. 

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