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About Advanced Pain Management

Dr. Randall Franiak

The Medical Professionals of Advanced Pain Management of Central Indiana are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to treating a wide variety of painful conditions. Our goal is to reduce suffering and allow the patient to return to a more active and productive lifestyle.
Our practitioners take a careful approach to determine the source of pain and target the best treatment path for each individual. Medical Director, Randall J. Franiak, MD, is skillful in surgical, interventional, and medical management of pain.

How to Get on Telehealth with Nurse Practitioner Melissa Franiak
1. Go to
2. Enter your name into the box, then click "Check In"
3. Give microphone and video access
Phone: 317-572-2240
Fax: 317-572-2235
Information for Patients Referred for Narcotic Management

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Information for Patients Referred for a Procedure

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Our Mission is to find ways to reduce pain, improve function, and get you back into life.

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